February 23, 2015

Most New Kosher Products in 2014 Focused on Health

NEW YORK - Of an estimated 350 new kosher products that were introduced in 2014, more than half claimed to have some sort of health benefit, ranging from gluten free to low fat. In a review of some of the new products that were introduced at Kosherfest and in ads, KosherToday found that the percentage of products with health claims was significantly higher than in 2013. Retailers also report increased sales for fresh produces and, of course, yogurt, primarily Greek Yogurt. Nationally, says Nielsen research, global sales of healthy foods grew by nearly 7%.  Despite the trend towards healthier foods, shoppers are still indulging in snacks, chocolates, and ice cream, but perhaps a bit more cautious and balancing the indulgent foods with the healthier foods.