May 31, 2011

New Kosher Food Magazine Increases Reach as an Insert to Jewish Newspapers

New York…In the highly competitive world of food magazines aimed at the kosher market, one is looking to rise to the top with some creative ways of bolstering circulation. The Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller is planning to distribute their magazine through a number of other publications as well as retail establishments. With Shoprite agreeing to carry the magazine in all their key stores, Joy of Kosher is in the midst of securing distribution in major bookstores including Barnes & Nobel and Borders throughout the country. The Joy of Kosher was an initially a section within Ami Magazine, just as Relish is with Binah and Kosher Inspired is in Mishpacha, the three leading magazines targeting Jewish women. But Joy of Kosher is looking for an edge through its website, and the star power of Jamie Geller. The magazine is published by the Kosher Media Network, which is described by Milt Weinstock, its President, as a multi -platform network combining traditional media (magazines, books, and broadcast) with the latest in digital, online, and social media. "This unique combination”, the Grey Advertising veteran stated, "provides clients with a totally integrated media and marketing platform which reflects the way today's consumers communicate and live". Their recent Shavuos issue had a reported circulation of 80,000.