November 18, 2013

New Kosher Cookbook Author Emerges as Kosher Ambassador

JERUSALEM  Jamie Geller is not your typical American transplant living in the holy city with her family. She uses the city that she adopted a few years ago as her base to promote kosher. Her exuberant smile and effervescent personality are perhaps a reflection of the title of her books, newsletters, and multi-media shows: Joy of Kosher. Her latest book is for women like her who juggle their everyday lives in handling multiple tasks but cherish mealtime as a time not only to bond with family, but most notably to use food as the unifier. 

Her latest book, Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes, follows her Quick & Kosher cookbook series. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Kosher Media Network, publisher of the award-winning magazine Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller and the Kosher food and recipe website

Geller’s journey to kosher and to Jerusalem is as inspiring as her passion for good kosher food is today. She wasn’t always kosher and it wasn't until her mid-twenties that she gravitated to Jewish observance, a lifestyle dropped by her family in recent generations. When she married her husband, she was dubbed the “Bride Who Knew Nothing” and was clueless about cooking. Joining his family meant celebrating more than 100 traditional holiday meals annually, complete with six-course homemade kosher dinners for the immediate and extended family. 

Determined to show everyone that she had what it takes and spurred to confront her “culinary clumsiness,” Geller didn’t just learn how to cook—she founded the Kosher Media Network and created cookbooks, magazines, a popular website and even a television show. With her latest book, Geller hopes to attract more young women to enjoy the blessings of kosher, a blessing only someone with her history can truly appreciate.