May 20, 2020

New Kashrus Committee Assumes Leadership of OK Kosher Following Passing of Rabbi Levy

Brooklyn, NY…Devastated by the passing of its energetic and indefatigable leader, Rabbi Don Joel Levy, the OK Kosher Certification agency appointed a new senior management team (Vaad) to head one of the largest kashrus agencies in the world. The Vaad includes Rabbis Chaim Fogelman, Kalman Weinfeld, Sholom Ber Hendel and Shlomo Weinfeld. According to the OK, the Vaad will oversee the continuation of the agency’s high kashrus standards and policies. The OK’s senior management team, led by Executive Manager, Rabbi Eli Lando, in tandem with its departmental managers, will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations at OK Kosher.

In the meantime, tributes continue to pour in from around the world, mourning the loss of one of the iconic figures in kashrus. Most kashrus officials praised his non-compromising pursuit of the highest standards in kashrus. One rabbi clearly said: “Rabbi Levy kept us on our toes and reminded us that kashrus standards are neither for sale nor compromise.”