March 23, 2020

New Israeli Restrictions Place Israeli Hotels in Dilemma

Tel Aviv…Israeli hoteliers were all but resigned to give up on an expected record number of tourists this coming Passover. Instead, they were banking on the tens of thousands of Israelis who were locked out of European programs. They slashed prices by as much as 60% but the growing pandemic in Israel forced Israel to limit assembly to below 10, casting a doubt if their contingency plan is still realistic. Some hotels offered assurances of small Seders and extensive disinfecting and cleaning but as of now the response is still uncertain. They simply felt that they invested so much that it would be better to limit their profits than cancel altogether. It was also unclear whether the government would allow any Passover gatherings in hotels. Many organized groups in the US cancelled their plans to spend Passover in Israel. Tourism in Israel has been severely impacted, particularly as El Al and most other airlines cancelled flights to many routes. El Al continues to have limited service despite chalking up historic losses.