May 21, 2019

New In-Store Radio a Major Addition to Kosher In-Store Merchandising

Lakewood NJ...Kosher stores now have an added tool in their arsenal of in-store merchandising. Founded by Mike Fish, In-store radio offers stores the opportunity to highlight promotions, make important store announcements, and offer a platform to key suppliers it also offers Point of sale marketing for the advertiser as well. In-store radio is already in more than two dozen stores with excellent feedback from store management, advertisers, and customers. “There is no better way to reach the shopper than when they are shopping,” said Mr. Fish. Kosher food industry sources have lamented in the past that kosher stores lag in in-store merchandising with the exception of some tasting events. The In-Store option will allow stores to specifically highlight promotions on days that the store is not as busy. One retailer said that ever since we told the customers about the specials on Monday and Tuesdays though InStore Radio, the traffic has picked up significantly. Some of the stores that already have the in-store radio include KRM, Gourmet Glatt, FoodEX, Shloimy’s, Picnic, Glatt Mart, and Yankel’s.