November 20, 2018

New Healthy Snacks by Nature’s Cocktail Began with Personal Story

Secaucus, NJ...It was interesting that several of the exhibitors at Kosherfest that presented new healthy products actually launched their products because of their own personal experience. Take, for example, Janie who in 1909 was a busy Mom-of-four with a whirlwind schedule. She and her husband Mark, a caterer, had always been passionate foodies, but with little time to focus on her own eating habits. She often found herself grabbing fast food or packaged snacks for quick meals on-the-go. Though she tried to opt for allegedly “healthy” whole-wheat or salad menu options, Janie began to suffer from the alarming symptoms of unwholesome eating, including debilitating headaches. Her immune system was very weak, and she was desperate to find the source of her illness. A little research revealed that restaurants and food companies infuse their foods with taste enhancers such as preservatives and yeast extract which can trigger sickness, allergies and weight gain, and that the added excess sugars infused into snack foods can cause fungal infections.

Fueled by her passion for food and health, Janie began to experiment in her own kitchen and at her husband’s facility to create genuine tasty and wholesome snacks she could carry with her. She made sure to use all-natural ingredients and bake with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and gluten free grains. Janie eliminated sugar from her diet, and almost immediately her symptoms subsided; she had more energy and even lost weight. Upon seeing this change, relatives and friends urged her to share her healthy treats with the world, and Nature’s Cocktail was born. Its goal is to make healthy eating and living easier. Her products have no preservatives, chemicals, or fillers.