September 2, 2014

New Freezin' Meringue Cookies from Divine & Light

Divine & Light introduced Freezin’ Meringue cookies, a unique, flourless, meringue-style cookie, intended to be eaten directly from the freezer (hence, ‘Freezin’), thereby creating a new category of decadent-but-light desserts. Think crunchy, chewy, cold, rich, but still light.

The Freezin’ Meringues come in two flavors: Vanilla Coconut Chocolate Chip and Fudgy Chocolate. All Freezin’ Meringue cookies contain no wheat, butter, margarine, or any artificial preservatives; they are also pareve/dairy-free. Rena Listman is the founder; she named the company Divine & Light (because, well, that’s what the cookies are) and is running production from a specialized baking facility on the South Shore of Long Island. Divine & Light Freezin’ Meringue Cookies are kosher certified by the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Rockaway. For more information and to purchase contact Rena at [email protected].