July 23, 2012

New Focus on Allergies Amongst Kosher Consumers Includes Blog

NEW YORK -- The kosher food industry has been paying closer attention to consumers with allergies. Increasingly, kosher food companies are listing allergens on packaging and on Web sites. A traditional Shabbos meal of challah, gefilte fish, and egg salad can be a minefield for those with food allergies. Despite the increased awareness, say industry sources, the allergic customer “is still pretty much on their own.” 

Tamar Warga, of www.kosherfoodallergies.blogspot.com, aims to educate, assist, and support kosher-observing Jews who suffer from food allergies. She writes:  “My mission is to provide the kosher keeping food allergic consumer with a broader range of options. It is my hope that by connecting you to resources the challenges can seem just a bit more manageable.” Tamar’s blog is extremely extensive, and includes instructional videos, links to helpful organizations, online support communities, a special Passover section, and even a list of allergy friendly restaurants. She also provides helpful information about the most common food allergies- milk, eggs, wheat, fish, nuts, and soy, and provides a guide to substituting these foods for friendlier, non-allergenic versions.