November 7, 2011

New Exhibitors at Kosherfest Part of Major Upgrade of Products at Show

Secaucus, NJ…Veteran visitors to Kosherfest, now in its 23rd year, will no doubt note the revolution that has taken place in kosher, not only in the quality and diversity of the products but also in the categories of foods that have gone kosher. Nowhere is this more pronounced than with some of the first-time exhibitors at Kosherfest. Fran Hedley and son Neil of Sugar Plum Chocolates took the plunge this year just after receiving certification from the Orthodox Union for their line of pareve chocolates. On display will be their Pomegranate Bark, New York City Checker Cab Caramel Crunch (featured on Rachel Ray as the “Snack of the Day”), and Ch’up Cakes which are cupcakes where the cake is replaced with solid Belgian Chocolate. The Ch'up Cake Artisans then mixed in other decadent ingredients to create other delicious varieties: S'mores, Trail Mix, Espresso, and Cookies 'n Creme. In another major introduction, International Spice will be displaying Zing, a new line of high-end gourmet spices. Noah Gross, owner of International Spice Company said that his company chose Kosherfest because “we are focusing on the kosher market.” International Spice is the exclusive distributor for a world class vanilla extract manufacturer. All items are under rabbinical supervision of the Star-K Kosher Certification.
Another first time exhibitor, RealBeanz will be showcasing a new line of gourmet ice coffee products. The products include Cappuccino, Mocha, Vanilla Nut, and Chocolate Raspberry Ice Coffees. According to RealBeanz founder, Avi Blau Kosherfest was a natural choice because they wanted “to connect with the gourmet retailers we know will be in attendance. Additionally, the kosher market has been a big supporter of our product and we want to stay connected to this audience and the purveyors of this type of food.” The dairy drinks are certified under the OU. With health related products taking center stage, Joanne Hollander, will be showcasing products she created to help feed her lactose intolerant son. Joanne developed a dairy-free pudding for her son to enjoy. With time Joanne developed additional flavors of puddings and new products, all lactose, dairy and gluten free, working on everything from cereals to pasta sauces. Soyummi products are made with organic ingredients, naturally sweetened and are lactose and gluten free. Their puddings come in a variety of flavors; Dark Chocolate, Tapioca, Rice, Cherry, and Lime. The products are certified kosher by Montreal Kosher.