November 4, 2013

New Cholov Yisroel Nutritional Meal Supplement Shake

Cholov Dairy recently launched the first ever Cholov Yisroel Meal Supplement beverage. The Nugen Nutritional beverage is a meal in a bottle that is stable at room temperature, and tastes even better when kept cool. The Nugen Cholov Yisroel Nutritional shake represents the successful blend of advanced packaging technology and new product innovation to deliver a great tasting nutritional beverage in a convenient, easy-to-use bottle format. This product contains the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals, and more to help sustain the body in a delicious and now the first Cholov Yisroel alternative. The Nugen Nutritional shake is filled with essential Vitamins and minerals designed to assist in areas such as digestion, bone health and designed to help boost your immune system. The company is planning additional Cholov Yisroel Nutritional products. Kosher certified under the Central Rabbinical Congress. For more information and to purchase please contact: Les Erber (718) 855-2207.