February 23, 2015

Nearly 100 New Wines Introduced for Passover 2015

NEW YORK - A record number of kosher for Passover wines are being introduced this year. These are wines that will reach the US market and do not include wines that will be marketed in Israel or Europe exclusively. They include both mevushal (cooked) and non-mevushal (non-cooked) wines. A growing trend in kosher wines is the increased presence of the small family wineries that are increasingly taking their place amongst the finest kosher wines. Shimon and Liora Welner are well-known in the kosher wine industry and since 1990 have specialized in producing quality wines in 7 countries, including South Africa, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France and Spain. This year, they will be adding Deccolio Prosecco and Deccolio Moscato. As in the past, the lion’s share of the new wines come from the Royal Wine Corporation (Kedem) which imports wines from all over the world as well as produces some of its own exceptional wines. Their 2015 introductions include Chateauneuf du Pape ‘12. NEW Label (France); Elvi Herenza Rioja ’11 (to replace Mati Rioja); Or Haganuz Har Gelili White Dessert Wine ’13  (Israel); Or Haganuz Marom Series Eviatar Cabernet Franc ‘11( Israel); Shiloh Legend II ’10 (Israel); Yatir Syrah ‘09 (Israel); Zakon Unoaked Cabernet Sauvignon ’12 (California); Chateau Le Crock 2012( France); Goose Bay Blanc de Pinot Noir ‘13( New Zealand); Montefiore Kerem Moshe ‘11 (Israel); Morad Lychee Wine (Israel); Or Haganuz Har Gelili Sweet White ’13 (Israel); Yatir Petit Verdot ’10 (Israel); Zachlawi Honey Pepper Flavored whiskey and Peach Flavored whiskey(USA); Chateau La Tonnelle 2012(France); Herzog 3 Variations Cabernet Sauvignon. #3, #4 and #5; Les Roches De Yon Figeac ’12 (France); Ovadia Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2014 (Italy); Pavillon de Leoville Poyferre ’12 (France); Tabor Brut (Israel); Titora Winery, Israeli Boutique Winery in Kfar Ruth 3 wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot/Shiraz, Petitora, Morad Red Grapefruit Wine (Israel); Morad Chocolate Liqueur (Israel); Or Haganuz Har Sinai Pisga(Israel); Tabor Brut 562 (Israel); Tulip Espero (Israel); Shiloh Cabernet Franc (Israel); Vermeulen Advocaat (Holland); Zachlawi 3 NEW Flavored Vodkas for Passover - Citrus Splash, Cold Brew Coffee, Orange Swirl; Zion Fortissimo 6 x 750ml. (Israel);  Heavens Chocolate.

Allied Importers USA, the 2nd largest importer and distributor of kosher wines in the United States after Royal, imports and distributes premier wines and sake from France, Italy, Israel, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, and California.  Their portfolio of wines are crafted by family owned wineries, where passionate winemakers, technological innovations and prime vineyard locations have resulted in wines of superior quality. Their new introductions include Borgo Reale Rose, Borgo Reale Dolcezza, Lewis Pasco Liquidity Cabernet Sauvignon, Lewis Pasco Pasco Project #2, Volcanus Petit Verdot, Dalton Pinot Gris, Chateau de Galilee Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau de Galilee Merlot, Chateau de Galilee Blend, Jerusalem Vineyard Vintage series, Jerusalem Vineyard Premium Series, and the Jerusalem Vineyard Reserve Series. Abarbanel, named after Don Isaac Abarbanel, the leader of the Sephardic Jewry before the exile from Spain in 1492. Their new wines this Passover includes Batch 30 Unoaked Chardonnay '12 and Abarbanel Batch 22 Cabernet Sauvignon '13. Finally there is Yarden Wines which imports quality Israeli wines from Golan Heights Winery and Galil Mountain Winery. Their new wines for 2015 are Gilgal Cabernet Merlot, Hermon Indigo, Hermon Moscato and Yarden Ros’e.