October 9, 2018

Murder of Chicago Rabbi yet Another Blow to Kashrus World

Chicago, Ill…Rabbi Eliyahu Moskowitz was a random murder victim in the Windy City but his death was the latest blow to the world of kashrus. Rabbi Moskowitz was a mashgiach of the Orthodox Union at Jewel Osco, according to Yakov Yarmove, Corporate Director. Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for Albertsons Companies. Although police were quick to dismiss the crime as random and not biased related, it did bring back the bitter memory of the murder by terrorists in 2008 of the Holtzbergs and Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum and Rabbi Bentzion Chroman, mashgichim who happened to be in Mumbai during the massacre. Ephriam Isaacson knew Moscowitz from the grocery store. “I always saw him at the Jewel-Osco kosher deli; he was always super helpful,” Isaacson told Jewish News Syndicate. “He was always helping someone and did it with a smile.”