June 26, 2017

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, Pioneer of Kosher Cookbook Publishing, Passes Away at 73

Brooklyn, NY - When the history of kosher foods in the US is written, Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz will be prominently recognized. The well-known scholar and entrepreneur passed away over the weekend at the age of 73. While he is best known for his revolutionary accomplishment of publishing more than 700 scholarly and other books including the Talmud (in English and Hebrew), he was a driving force in the kosher revolution that saw an entire generation adopt the beauty of kosher cooking. By last count, his ArtScroll Publishing Company had published some 26 cookbooks, led by the Kosher by Design series by Susie Fishbein. Said Ms. Fishbein: “Rabbi Zlotowitz was a visionary and a gentleman. I am deeply grateful to him for going out of ArtScroll's comfort zone and taking a chance on me in taking on Kosher by Design.”Just as his scholarly books made Torah study accessible to the masses, the cookbooks brought upscale kosher cuisine to every Jewish home and kitchen. Although there was a smattering of kosher cookbooks prior to his venture, he brought a new level of writing and visuals to the cookbooks. One expert said that he was “responsible for a new generation of kosher foodies and all of the kosher foods coverage by Jewish periodicals.”