September 16, 2020

Most Kosher Food Officials Prefer Waiting for Real Show Rather than Virtual Event

Portland, ME… Kosher food exhibitors and buyers were not enthusiastic with the idea of transforming the annual Kosherfest event into a virtual show. In the just concluded survey of several thousand Kosherfest participants, both exhibitors and visitors preferred waiting until it was safe to have the traditional show rather than participate in a virtual event. Kosherfest officials are expected to make an announcement soon about their plans for Kosherfest in 2021. The 2020 show, which was scheduled for November 10- 11 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus NJ, was cancelled due to the ongoing concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic. While major food events like the Fancy Food Show and the IFT show have gone virtual, the vast majority of kosher food officials were in favor of postponing the event until it was safe to attend in person. “There is no replacement for the excitement, the color, and sales atmosphere at Kosherfest,” wrote one survey participant.

While Kosherfest officials are not likely to host a virtual Kosherfest, they are expected to announce that certain events like the New Product Competition may take place virtually. Industry officials say that despite the difficulty of travel in the past 6 months, the industry did manage to launch as many as 300 new items.