October 6, 2021

Most Kosher Consumers Oppose Kosher Certification for Impossible Pork

Redwood City, CA…. The Impossible Burger says that it's Impossible Pork tastes better than ground pork from pigs. But many rabbis and consumers are extremely wary about having a product associated with the quintessential treif (non-kosher) product gain a kosher certification. Indeed, the Orthodox Union which certifies the company’s Impossible Burger has thus far declined to extend the certification to the soy-based pork product. While there may be precedent in the kosher certification of imitation non-kosher products, most rabbis felt that any reference to pork even if only an imitation should not be granted kosher certification. Products like imitation shrimp, made from Surimi, have in the past garnered kosher certification, “but this is different,” said a leading Brooklyn rabbi. “Avoiding treif has been a fundamental part of our religion and Torah,” he added. “Changing the product but still referring to its treif name cannot be allowed.”