April 11, 2011

Morning After Keeps Retailers in Holiday Mode

New York…While most retailers are in the midst of the hectic Passover season, one large retailer was actually preparing for the morning after which this year will be on Wednesday April 27th. That is the day that most Jews convert back to chametz. The retailer told Kosher Today that there is “literally a rush on such items as cereals and bread.” He added that “in a strange way, it keeps me in the frantic holiday mode.” Other retailers said that it usually takes them “up to a week” to restock chametz. They say that it takes the kosher purveyors and distributors up to a week or more to resume normal deliveries of the items. Many expected a “quicker recovery,” as one called it because of the looming Shabbat. Some said that while their focus is on Passover, they do keep one eye on the day after the holiday.