May 4, 2009

More Women Search for Meal Ideas in Continuing Recession

New York…The Domns, all 7 of them including the two parents, used to eat out every Tuesday, but of late are eating at home.  “I rely on the many cookbooks and recipes I find on-line to make the kids enjoy Tuesdays at home,” says Carla Domn, a part-time substitute at a local school. Cookbooks, like those authored by Susan Fishbein, are growing in popularity, particularly during a recession and are favorites with Mrs. Domn. At Pomegranate in Midwood, many women approach one of the three chefs at the upscale store for meal ideas. Nearby Glatt Mart is advertising help for consumers and upscale stores like Zabar’s have become the place for new recipes and meal ideas. Pizza night on Thursdays is still in for the Domns, but even that is being discussed amongst the senior Domns. Instead, they are considering using the growing number of frozen kosher brands. Several women are using their pages on Facebook and Twitter to share recipe ideas, a far cry from the old tattered index cards that women used to share. Retailers report a sharp increase in sales of cooking and baking ingredients, particularly in the frozen sections. One local restaurant said that couples who used to order a full menu are now sharing main dishes and salads. The restaurateurs say that they have seen a decline in the catering of smaller parties like grandma’s 80th. “Price has definitely become the issue for many families,” said one restaurant owner, who says that restaurants have always been a measure of how the economy is doing. The consensus amongst the retailers and the restaurant people is that many kosher consumers are reeling from the deepening recession, which is driving many families to eat at home.