December 5, 2011

More Retailers Put Emphasis on Merchandising for Chanukah

Brooklyn, NY… It is not uncommon for some food stores, largely independents, to designate a separate store for Passover.  But yesterday Mountain Fruit, a Flatbush independent opened a separate Chanukah store  with a full array of the confectionary and snack items, gifts, and, of course, ingredients for the coveted doughnuts or potato latkes. In a survey of several chains and independents across the country, preparations for the 8-day Chanukah holiday (December 20-28) are pretty much the cookie-cutter model from previous years. Many of the larger chains will unveil their FSI’s this week (or perhaps next) in much the same way as they have done in the past. But there appears to be a more aggressive attitude towards merchandising Chanukah items than in previous years.  Whole Foods is investing much into its Chanukah program, referring to their stores as “a one-stop shop for kosher items this holiday season.” Amongst  its offerings  are potato pancakes, whole wheat matzo meal, latkes, natural cake, stuffing and soup mixes from Streit’s, gluten-free and vegetarian baking mixes from Simply Organic, Gefen Chestnuts, Elyon Kosher Marshmallows, Whole Trade Chanukah Gelt from Divine Chocolate, Organic Concord Grape Juice from Kedem, So Delicious Chocolate Mint Milk, and antibiotic-free kosher poultry options from Kosher Valley. Even the U.S. Postal Service will join in the action with a Chanukah stamp, created by graphic designer Suzanne Kleinwaks of Falls Church, Virginia. This stamp design is the fourth U.S. issuance to commemorate Chanukah.