March 10, 2014

More Natural Foods Go Kosher, Synergies Given as Reason

ANAHEIM — The recently concluded Natural Products Expo West (March 7-9, 2013) showcased more kosher certified products than ever before in almost every category from dried fruits to frozen. Visitors to the show noticed a marked increase in the number of booths that shouted out their kosher certifications. Industry sources say that an increasing number of natural food manufacturers are finding that their products often meet kosher requirements even if some minor changes are required in ingredients or in the preparation of the foods. 

Natural has become a growing category in kosher as well as more products tout natural ingredients. Amongst the exhibitors were such well known kosher brands as Manischewitz and Dr. Praeger’s. Representatives of several kashrus agencies were also in attendance. Visitors to the show said that it was not uncommon to see booths display signs “natural, vegan and kosher.” Experts say that an increasing number of kosher consumers are opting for natural ingredients, making the natural and kosher designations a “win-win.”