January 25, 2010

More Nations Look At Opportunities in Kosher

New York…The number of international exhibitors that showcased kosher certified products at the recent Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was significantly higher than just a year ago, signifying a growing interest by countries that have not traditionally paid much attention to kosher. The trend seems to be taking hold in South American and Europe, as nations look to increase their exports to the US but recognize the importance of kosher. Several are also looking at the $18 billion kosher market in Israel as part of their move into kosher as well as the large cross-over market of such groups as Muslims. The interest by the Europeans and South Americans has been a major factor in the growing international flavor of the annual Kosherfest. Officials of the international kosher food trade show predict that at least two or three new national exhibitors will be at Kosherfest in October. Despite a relatively small kosher market in Europe, there has been increased demand in several growing Jewish communities, particularly in countries of the former Soviet Union. This Passover, Israel and American exporters expect record sales of Passover items to those countries.