July 28, 2020

More Kosher Independents Slated for Post Covid-19 Era

Lakewood NJ…Aisle 9 Market, located on Madison Avenue (Route 9) in Lakewood, is seeking planning board approval of a new grocery store at the corner of North Hope Chapel Road and East Veterans Highway, part of the long-in-development Liberty Commons Shopping Center. A new Evergreen store is slated to open next year in Pomona NY. With a Stop & Shop poised to close in a matter of days, plans for its replacement are in the pipeline. Evergreen takes over the property September 1st and hopes to begin reconstruction work quickly, said Malki Levine, director of business development. It will be the third location for Evergreen, which has stores in Monsey and Lakewood, New Jersey. Kosher Today has learned that a new large kosher supermarket is also slated for Passaic and that there are several other expansions underway.

The rise of kosher independents which began in 2008 with the opening of Pomegranate in Brooklyn seems to be continuing. The stores have become magnets for people who keep kosher, a far cry from the kosher Mom-Pop stores of old and with increased buying power they are attracting many non-traditional kosher consumers. Bingo, the American version of Israel’s Osher Ad chain, has opened its third store in the US, the latest in Monsey. According to Yosi Ostreicher, a number of other stores are being planned with some kosher food purveyors guessing that the Five Towns is next. The emergence of Bingo has caused a great deal of unease amongst existing retailers although retailers in Brooklyn said that they had lost no more than 8%-10% market share and stores in Lakewood say they are still assessing the impact of Bingo. The surprise for many in the kosher food industry is that the movement towards more independent supermarkets continues even after the Covid-19 pandemic.