May 12, 2021

More Kosher Independent Supermarkets Planned

The number of kosher independent supermarkets continues to grow in many parts of the country even as a general supermarket with a key kosher clientele closed. Ralph’s closed one of its kosher destination stores in the La Brea area, claiming that it was one of the underperforming stores that parent company Kroger was closing.

Meanwhile, the owners of a popular store in Lakewood are looking to expand in neighboring Jackson as the Orthodox Jewish population continues to grow. Aisle 9 Market, located on Madison Avenue (Route 9) in Lakewood, is seeking planning board approval of a new grocery store at the corner of North Hope Chapel Road and East Veterans Highway, part of the long-in-development Liberty Commons Shopping Center.  The planning board was scheduled to hear testimony on the Aisle 9 store this week, but the hearing was rescheduled to August 3rd after confusion about whether the project supervisors would appear in-person or via Zoom. In Florida, the Grove continues to expand its footprint. In Pomona, a new Evergreen store is scheduled to open in a few months.