November 5, 2012

More Difficulties for Israeli Shoppers as Shortage of Eggs Grips Country

JERUSALEM — Israelis were scrambling to find scarce eggs as the Israel Chicken Breeders Association halted the marketing of eggs until their demand for a hike in the government controlled price of eggs is met. The demand for higher egg prices comes in the wake of a wave of price hikes from most food producers. 

Chicken Breeders Association secretary Motti Elkabetz said that egg prices should have been raised before the holidays but the breeders have waited until now out of consideration for consumers. Meanwhile Israeli supermarket chains announced that prices will rise gradually in the near future.  Supersol officials said there will be a four percent hike in the prices of hundreds of goods.

The Mega chain has also indicated that it would be raising prices of new products only. Initially those increases were supposed to begin November 1st but the chains have decided to institute them gradually, selling off old inventory first.

In response to the price hikes, Itzik Alrov who led the consumer boycott of cottage cheese, said chains and food manufacturers cooperated together to increase the price of products, and make life difficult for millions of citizens, Israel Radio reported. Alrov called on consumers to channel their energy into supporting small, local Israeli manufacturers and reducing their usage of bigger supermarket chains. Meanwhile, the religious Shas party has called on consumers to boycott the supermarkets, indicating that it may very well become a major issue in the upcoming Israeli elections.