March 9, 2015

Montreal Kosher Takes Launch of “Revolutionary” Passover App to a Whole New Level

Montreal - By now most kosher certifying agencies have launched  their special Passover directories and websites, but none as innovative than the new revolutionary “interactive Passover Magazine” by MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier. Using technology called augmented reality, one downloads an app on their phone called a Zapper. The user then opens the magazine and simply holds the icon, which looks like a lightning bolt, on any page it appears in the magazine. Literally, pages come to life before your eyes. The Magazine contains many features as well as the directory. The Magazine was launched with a great deal of fanfare including a launch event and a brief video which made it on to YouTube. The directories distributed by kashrus organizations are used extensively by consumers who wish to delve into the kosher certification of each item. One of the most popular directories is the The Laws of Pesach, published by the children of the late Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz. The rabbi would spend the entire year preparing the guide. He would write the companies for their ingredients and also pioneered in listing cosmetics, beauty aids, and medications that could be used for Passover.