January 27, 2014

Montreal, a Growing Kosher Market, Faces New Challenges

MONTREAL — The kosher market in Montreal has been steadily growing with more kosher establishments and an increasing number of new products, according to the MK, the kosher symbol of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal. The MK certifies a large number of food manufacturing plants, restaurants, hotels, airline caterers and more. But lately pro secessionist forces have sought to prohibit public employees from wearing a yarmulke and have even sought to pass legislation that would prohibit Quebec’s Jewish General Hospital (JGH) from serving kosher. 

JGH director Lawrence Rosenberg, who wears a kippah, has vowed to fight the proposed ban. JGH, an 80-year-old non-sectarian hospital said the law — also known as the Quebec Charter of Values — is divisive, discriminatory, and contravenes human rights charters.