February 8, 2016

Mixing Organic and Kosher into Bella Sabatina Premium Tea

Toronto - Bella Sabatina Premium Tea is a brand new luxury tea company in Toronto, Canada that has just launched the world’s first ever line of luxury teas which are both kosher and organic certified. Tea is the world’s most popular beverage after water and has been enjoyed for centuries across countries and cultures. The past half-decade has seen the tea industry in North America grow by 17%, with domestic tea sales reaching upwards of $10 billion according to the Tea Association of USA, as more and more Americans turn to tea as a healthy beverage choice. To be sure, there are many kosher teas on the market but organic and kosher?

Committed to creating a truly luxurious product, Bella Sabatina Premium Tea offers the finest whole leaf teas in premium silk sachets. The tea caddies themselves are a beautiful showpiece. Inspired by nature’s diverse colors, Bella Sabatina Premium Tea caddies are immediately recognizable as a luxury item. ‘Their bold design is intended to add vibrancy and elegance to any table,’ says company president, Mrs Raizy Sekula. The caddies’ timeless beauty turns them into an original collectible item, making for a unique gift. Their silk sachets contain up to 50% more tea than other brands, providing the ultimate tea experience.

Raizy Sekula opened Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe, Toronto, in June 2014 as a retailer of kosher teas, tea ware and gift baskets. ‘We had to educate our customers about fine teas,’ she says. ‘Most people had no idea that tea extends far beyond crushed leaves in a paper bag.’ Customers caught on quickly, and soon Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe was called upon by Toronto caterers and event planners to set up tea bars at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and fundraisers. ‘Tea bars have become a part of many events,’ says Eve Gestetner of Table of Contents Event Planning, Toronto. ‘If there is a special sweet table there is often a beautiful tea bar.’

After a successful year in the kosher tea industry, Mrs Sekula saw that there was a gap in the market. ‘There actually aren’t that many fine teas which are organic, even on the non-kosher market,’ she explains. Seeking to fill the gap, Bella Sabatina Premium Tea’s debut line consists of eight artisanal blends. The teas will be available for purchase by the end of January in gourmet food emporiums, specialty food stores and fine gift shops in New York, as well as in Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe, Toronto. www.bellasabatinatea.com.