December 2, 2019

Mini Treats a Big Hit as Mom Pops Prepares to Hit Kosher Stores

Secaucus…by Kosher Today Special Correspondent Sandy Eller…After 30 years as a music teacher, Sandra Ostrander had seen it too many times - kids with food allergies and those who struggled with weight issues who couldn’t enjoy the treats that everyone else was eating. Instead of just feeling bad, Ostrander decided to take matters into her own hands, founding Mom Pops with her son Issa. Mom Pops produces approximately 10,000 of its OU-Pareve dwarf-sized frozen pops daily in its Philadelphia-area factory.  Holding up a mango mini Mom Pop, Ostrander noted that the product feels hard at first, its all natural ingredients softening up on the tongue.

“It has just three ingredients, one of which is water,” said Ostrander. The other flavors, pineapple basil, strawberry lemonade, chocolate sea salt and banana raspberry, are also made with surprisingly few ingredients.  With just 10 to 20 calories in each mini treat on a stick, Mom Pops were a hit with Kosherfest 2019 attendees.  “We are the only ones in the nation who thought about taking things down to a one ounce size,” said Issa Ostrander. “They are a portion controlled great night snack, are free of the top 12 allergens and are as perfect for little kids as they are for adults.”