December 20, 2016

Millions of Donuts Sold Despite Warning by Israel’s Health Minister

Jerusalem - Walk down almost any Jerusalem commercial strip and you are likely to see an endless line of trays of donuts and there is still nearly a week left before the 8-day Chanukah begins on the eve of December 24th. This, despite a warning by Israel’s popular Health Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman to curtail the number of donuts consumed. Kosher Today has learned that Minister Litzman has denied that he asked for a total refrain from the sugary donuts but rather a suggestion to cut back on the number of donuts consumed. The numbers of donuts sold in Israel, the US, and Europe is staggering with most bakeries still putting the jelly donouts as the bestseller with caramel and chocolate close behind. The caramel donuts are so popular that American tourists bring them back as edible souvenirs when they return from Israel. Fried in oil, the donuts in one Jerusalem store came in no less than 15 flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, fudge and more. One vendor said that donuts used to be second to latkes (fried potato pancakes) but today it is not even close.