November 2, 2015

Midwest Artisan Cheesemaker Brings Handcrafted Cheeses to Kosherfest

Fithian IL - Visitors to next week’s Kosherfest in Secaucus will no doubt marvel at a display of European-style, artisan cheese thanks to Ludwig Farmstead Creamery, which is producing their first ever kosher cheese. Ludwig Farmstead Creamery sits on Feather Creek Farm, a 150-acre, fifth-generation family farm originally settled in 1866. The Creamery was the vision of Jacob ("Jake") V. Ludwig, who had a passion for cheese-making. He recognized the synergy and great potential of using the morning-fresh milk from his father's blue-ribbon cows to handcraft traditional artisan cheeses right on the farm. Jake studied for a year as a cheese making intern in Pennsylvania, developing his own specialized Havarti-style cheese seasoned with habanero peppers. He then returned to Fithian where he designed and built the cheese making facility. Sadly, Jake lost his life before the cheese production came to fruition.  To continue Jake's dream, his father, Dave Ludwig hired cheese maker/consultant Fons Smits, who developed several award winning recipes. Today, the creamery continues to produce a line of European style, raw milk, and artisan aged cheeses.

Jacob's Dream Kosher Havarti is their first kosher cheese and they felt that introducing Jacob's Dream at Kosherfest would be the best way to showcase it to the kosher market. Jacob’s Dream is a raw milk, semi-soft creamy Havarti cheese that pairs with fresh fruit, nuts, wine, and melts well in your favorite recipe.  This kosher cheese is certified by the cRc, Chicago Rabbinical Council and is currently available in pre-cut vacuum sealed 5 oz. wedges and full 10.5 pound wheels.