February 20, 2018

Miami Beach Kosher Restaurants Move to Surfside

Miami Beach…Even before they had settled in their grandmother’s apartment, there was an obligatory stop on the way from the airport, Beyond by Shemtov (since 2005) and originally Shem Tov’s Pizza. Last week the popular eatery closed its doors and perhaps more significantly signaled a shift in the location of Miami Beach’s kosher restaurants.  These days the major kosher restaurants are no longer (with a few exceptions) on 41st Street or Arthur Godfrey Road. They are mostly on Harding Avenue (as well as Aventura) on Surfside. The owner of Beyond, Baruch Sandhaus, at one time operated several eateries including the upscale Rare Restaurant. Mr. Sandhaus says that he’s committed to keeping kosher in the area and is working on a new concept that he plans to introduce.