November 4, 2013

Mehadrin Enters Greek Yogurt Frey One Year After NormanÕs

BROOKLYN, NY — For the second year in a row the Mehadrin booth at Kosherfest featured a huge banner announcing the company’s introduction of new Cholov Yisroel yogurt, only this time it really did launch the product. During the past year, competitor Norman’s (Dairy Delight of Rutherford NJ) did launch a line of Greek Yogurt and is said to instantly have captured the cholov Yisroel market for Greek Yogurt that up until the time of the launch had never tasted Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt.  Norman’s Greek Yogurt won the best new dairy item at Kosherfest 2012. With the introduction of the Mehadrin Greek Yogurt, sources told Kosher Today a “new war” has ensued for shelf space. While Norman’s dropped its retail price to $1.49 to celebrate its anniversary, Mehadrin matched the price with its newly launched yogurt. Mehadrin, which is the leader in Cholov Yisroel products, is hoping to recapture its dominance in Greek Yogurt as well, although Norman’s is said to continue to have strong sales even with the entry of Mehadrin. Norman’s is the only Cholov Yisroel manufacturer that has its own manufacturing plant, which the company says is easier to supervise from a kashrus point of view and that it can “strain the yogurt to its specification.” To go one up on Mehadrin at Kosherfest, Norman’s launched a Greek Yogurt Lite product with only 100 calories.