October 11, 2016

Media Coverage of Rosh Hashanah Shows Diversity of Kosher

New York - The obligatory pre-Rosh Hashanah story in major media is slowly undergoing a transition from the classic sweet New Year themes with the traditional Jewish foods to more of a reflection of the diverse contemporary kosher market. While The New York Times may have chosen to focus on the lox cutter at Zabar’s making smoked fish and lox major holiday staples, the Wall Street Journal did a front page piece on the exotic fruits that are used on Rosh Hashanah, while NPR Radio sought to project a new age of kosher foods that are very much a part of the healthier trend of foods but could not resist simply covering the matzoh production at Manischewitz. It did mention the company’s expansion into the healthier foods category. Around the country it was either much of the same such as coverage of local stores preparing for the holidays or like in the case of the Chicago Tribune a listing of foods of the holidays from mostly non-kosher locations. Fish was also the theme of the Los Angeles Times which tied in the fare with the significance of the tradition. The Washington Post covered a clinic-like article about baking challah.