April 15, 2019

Matzoh Sales Soar as Israeli Matzohs Dominate

New York…Matzoh sales across the US will be as much as 10%-12% higher than in 2018, according to kosher food experts. A particular bestseller is hand-made shmurah which in recent years is attracting many former machine made matzoh customers. Matzoh sales are edging upward across the board, mostly the “machine matzoh” produced in Israel. The only US produced machine matzoh is the family-owned Streit’s, which now produces the matzoh out of a Moonachie NJ plant after moving from its original Lower East Side location. One source told Kosher Today that there may even be a shortage of the US matzoh in some places, but at the time of this writing there was little evidence of that. According to Rabbi Aron Yonah Hayun, Plant Manager for the Manischewitz Company, the company has rebranded from its traditional look into a more modern design. Despite being produced in Israel, Manischewitz now handles its own warehousing and distribution. It rolled out many new items for Passover, according to Rabbi Hayun.

Harold Weiss of Kayco expects sales of the Yehuda Matzoh it markets to increase by double-digit numbers. The Yehuda Box was redesigned last year, which includes the PJ Library Free Book Program as well as a resealable stay fresh bag. Says Weiss: “We did a new variety pack and we continue to sell into the GF Matzo category with a number of varieties now, including a cinnamon coated version. We also have Yehuda matzo meal, cake meal and farfel (regular and gluten free).” Yehuda did particularly well with Chocolate covered matzo (regular, sprinkles and coconut). Mr. Weiss also said that sales of Egg, Whole Wheat and Organic Matzoh were also up very nicely.

Howie Klagsbrun of Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst said that shmura matzoh sales were up in his stores. The best selling hand matzoh in the 5Towns as well as many other parts of the New York area were Shotzer by far, he said. He noted that while his store sells many different brands, both domestically produced and from Israel, “there are customers who just want whatever is cheapest, and then there are the brand specific customers who will not be swayed one way or the other based on price. Lastly you have some people in the middle who will be willing go out on a limb and try a new brand.” Some Matzoh prices checked out by Kosher Today including those at the popular KRM Supermarket in Boro Park included: Shotzer – $28.50 a lb., Boro Park – $22, Lakewood - $21, some Israeli brands $12 – $13 and matzoh from Montreal $24. In one location, Mehadrin Matzoh sold for as much as $53 lb. and at Bingo, there were some Israeli Matzoh for as low as $11 lb.