September 24, 2012

Maryland Bee Company that Helps Turn Rosh Hashanah into a Fundraising Season

MOUNT AIRY, Md -- Many honey producers, particularly in Upstate New York, keep close tabs on the Jewish calendar, particularly Rosh Hashanah. The growing kosher market has become a major profit center for them. But for the Bee Folks, a small, family-run beekeeping business located here, it wasn’t just selling kosher honey for Rosh Hashanah. They identify themselves as “a small company dedicated to the enlightenment of folks about the importance of honeybees.” 

Since acquiring certification from the Star-K, they have been surprised by the numerous requests for kosher honey to be used for the purpose of fundraising. The Bee Folks have responded well to the requests, even setting up a dedicated sister site,, to explain exactly what makes honey kosher and what services they offer. The Bee Folks personalize their products according to the needs of whoever is requesting them. Their extensive product selection includes  honey jars with custom made labels for the charity organization or synagogue ordering them. They have had requests from schools for their honey sticks, who later resell the sticks, netting the school a large profit for charity.

They also have an affiliate program online, which is an easy way for an organization to make money from sales without handling inventory. They provide a coupon code that can be used at their online website. The customer can purchase anything from the website, and have it shipped anywhere. They allow a percentage of the sale to be split between the customer and the organization, and it is up to the organization to advertise the discount to their members. They once had one preschool post their coupon code on, a popular couponing site, which gained them credit from sales that were otherwise unaffiliated with their organization!