May 6, 2013

Marvid Prepared to Step in to Ease Toronto Kosher Poultry Shortage

TORONTOMarvid Poultry is likely to fill the void that was created with the closing of Chai Kosher Poultry after 25 years. Marvid did the same when Mehadrin Poultry, which has since reopened, closed its doors in the US. Sources quoted Moishe Friedman, president of Marvid Poultry in Montreal, as saying that he already supplies many kosher retailers in Toronto and has the ability to increase his company’s capacity to 200,000 kosher chickens a week if necessary.

“Consumers will have as many chickens as they need. There will be no shortage or price increase,” he said. Charles Weinberg, owner of Chai Poultry, which was said at one point to be producing 50,000 kosher chickens a week, denied reports that he had sold the plant to either real estate developers or to a halal business. With a state-of-the-art plant, Marvid has been steadily growing, capturing significant market share in the lucrative US market.