June 4, 2019

Marks & Spencer Adds Kosher Offering in all Stores

London…Marks & Spencer, the iconic department store in the UK is offering kosher offerings in its food halls. It is being rolled out in 29 stores in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Essex, Leeds and Bournemouth, including in West Hampstead, Muswell Hill, and Temple Fortune. The retailer joins supermarket chains Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which have stocked Kosher products at select stores for several years. The new range will include 22 items, such as Mrs. Elswood cucumbers, Telma chicken stock, Rakusen’s matzo meal, and Osem chicken-soup mix, but does not feature any refrigerated or frozen items. Marks & Spencer, long a favorite of Jewish shoppers, says that it was responding to a growing demand for the kosher fare in their stores.