March 18, 2013

Marketing Advertisements of Passover Fare Shows Diversity of Products

NEW YORK — Most of the advertisements for Passover foods and wines are for some of the 500 new items unveiled in time for the 8-day holiday which begins on the eve of March 25th.  A KosherToday review of a dozen Jewish publications showed the diversity of the products that were being advertised, although a far cry from all of the products offered for the holiday. 

What would Passover be without Pizza? Lite 'n Low offers Cauliflower Crust Pizza that is gluten-free and only 43 calories. Manischewitz introduced many new products in its ad including Frozen Coconut Macaroon, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Walnut Biscotti to Veggie Potato Pancakes and Almond Butter. Forget Heinz for Passover in favor of Gefen Tomato Ketchup “as wonderful as nature itself.” Gefen also promoted its canned Hearts of Palm. Oberlander Bakery introduced its new Kokosh Cake. 

Schick’s, under new management, advertised its new packaging against the background of an old Jewish scene. Geula Shmura Matzoh advertised its 1 lb. box of square shmura. Pos’tiv is advertising its Romaine Leaves (for maror that “you can trust”). Klein’s Ice Cream promoted its full line of Sorbet, Fruit Ice, Dairy & Non Dairy Ice Cream. Elegante Desserts introduced its new Cake Pops. Norman’s displayed its full line of yogurts, including its popular new Greek Yogurts. Mehadrin focused on its cottage cheese. Lieber’s mentioned the fact that it has over 800 products for Passover. Ta’aman emphasized its wide range of products for cooking, baking and serving.

Gamla Wines is touting its Reserve Cabernet; Teperberg its Gewurztraminer and Malbe wines; Mony Vineyard its full line of wines; Domaine Ventura its 2010 Merlot and Cabernet Franc; Lavie its liqueurs;  Recanati its “award-winning wines from Israel;” Yarden its 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon; Flam its Classico and CABERNET Sauvignon from Italy; and Psagot its Edom and Cabernet Sauvignon. There were, of course, many more ads from retailers, hotels, takeout stores, and even from cooks still trying to land a job for the holiday.