November 17, 2020

Map of Kosher Continues to be Redrawn with Populations Shifts

Boca Raton…Avi and Michal are married for only a year. Their plans to spend a year or two in Israel were scrapped due to the Pandemic. Instead, they recently relocated from Brooklyn to Boca Raton. They were considering joining friends in Houston but Michal opted for the warm winters instead. News reports that 300,000 people have left New York in the last few months might not even include the many young Orthodox Jews who moved to Lakewood, New Haven, Upstate New York, Houston and Boca Raton. The migration may very well signal a complete redrawing of the US kosher map. In most cases, supermarkets have stepped up to the plate in those communities and significantly increased their kosher offerings. Says Avi: “It wasn’t easy to leave New York but with the riots and the pandemic, we kind of saw the handwriting on the wall and figured that we don’t want to raise our children there.” Add that to the expensive housing, education and schooling and it is easy to see why the migration is happening.