March 18, 2013

Many New Wines and Even Vodka for Passover

NEW YORK — Four cups and two nights may not be sufficient to cover the many new wines that are available for Passover, many distributed by the Royal Wines (Kedem). In addition to the wines, there is a new OU certified kosher for Passover vodka on the market this year. Frustrated that he couldn’t get a decent cocktail during Passover, Leslie Rudd asked Distillery No. 209 Ginerator, Arne Hillesland, and associate winemaker Jonathan Hadju from Kosher Covenant Wines, to develop a gin and vodka that have the same superior quality as the original No. 209 Gin while also strictly adhering to Kosher-for- Passover standards. 

Creating a Kosher-for-Passover version of our No. 209 Gin was no easy feat as they could not use any grain based spirit, and additionally, several key botanicals from the recipe are not Passover approved. Arne fired up the still during "the Passover gin trials" to discover innovative Passover approved herbs and spices, and under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, created a new gin recipe that has a remarkable modern taste profile using a sugar cane base spirit. 

In addition to 209, Kedem also produces a kosher for Passover Vodka. Amongst the new wines that appeared to receive the most notice were Barkan’s Assemblage (Eitan, Reichan, and Tzafit) Pacifica (Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet/Merlot), Weinstock (Cabernet Franc), 1848 2nd Generation (Cabernet, Cabernet/Merlot, Merlot), and Domaine Netofa (Rose).