March 5, 2019

Many New Snack and Functional Foods for Passover 2019

New York - by Eda Kram, New Products Editor - Kosher for Passover foods are already being shipped to warehouses across the country. For many stores there will be dozens of new items that traditionally are launched on the eve of Passover which this year begins on the eve of April 18th. These are mainly independent kosher stores and category 1 kosher stores that have the room to add new products beyond the traditional Passover sets with their limited linear feet.

This year there are exciting new products for kids and adults in the snack foods category as well as other foods. Amongst some new items that will be on shelves are many that are distributed by Kayco: Gefen, Gluten-Free Sandwich Cookies; Vanilla and Black & White. Gefen, Gluten-Free Soft Baked Cookies; Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Vanilla with Sprinkles Cookies. Gefen, Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts; Roasted Almonds and Roasted Pecans. Gefen, Fruit Flavored Apple Sauce. Haddar, Chocolate Truffles and Orange Peels in Parve and Dairy. Haddar, BBQ Sweet Potato Chips, Tuscanini, Olive Oil Potato Chips; With Sea Salt, With Sea Salt & Rosemary and with Crinkle Cut. Elyon Marshmallows in Regular and Mini.

Quality Distributors introduces a new cookie line called Tanya (TAP Nutrition by Tanya), available in four different flavors; Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge and Dried Cranberry. Manischewitz is introducing additions to their Nut Butter line: Apple Butter, Almond Butter, Cashew Butter and Hazelnut Butter. They also extended their cookie line with Modena Lady Finger Cookies and Sandwich Crème Cookies that now join the almond cookies, chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate chip cookies. New Macaroon? It’s a Birthday Cake Macaroon!

Moving to the fridge section is the "The Cheese Guy" with several new chesses. Caciotta di Bufala, a semi-soft cheese made from the milk of the Italian Mediterranean Buffalo - a type of water buffalo. Yellow Cheddar, 9 months, medium aged, smooth and creamy texture with a rich, medium-sharp flavor profile. They also offer a Vermont 12 month artisan Cheddar. "The Cheese Guy" artisan cheddar has a subtle, sharp, savory bite with lingering fruity notes to balance the bite. It's a Farmstead cheese made from cows that are pasture raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Amstelvelder Dutch Cheese (Kayko Distributed) introduces Classic Slices Cheese which come in Cumin Slices Cheese and Chives Slices Cheese. Natural Ripened Traditional Dutch Cheese that is Imported from Amsterdam. Remember when there were only the classics like American, Muenster and Swiss?

In the salads and side dishes category are some interesting new options and selections of frozen foods, oils and condiments. Gefen’s Organic Chestnuts Salt & Cracked Pepper, perfect for snacking- 80 calories & 1gr Fat Per Serving. Gluten-Free Original Stuffing Mix and Gluten Free Onion Stuffing Mix. Heaven & Earth Veggie Croutons made from plantains. Heaven & Earth Carrot Veggie Spirals and Zucchini Veggie Spirals. Easy meal to prepare and a healthy alternative to pasta. Heaven & Earth Cauliflower Rice Blends with Carrots & Broccoli and Butternut Squash. Tonnelli Grapeseed Oil, Tuscanini Tomato Sauce & Paste (the first Imported Kosher for Passover authentic Italian tomato sauce).Tuscanini Apple Cider Vinegar and Tuscanini Balsamic Vinegar. Paesana Pasta Sauces; All Natural Marinara Sauce, All Natural Tomato Basil Sauce and Premium Organic Tomato Basil Sauce.

Bodek (distributed by Quality) introduces Cherry Berry Blend, Bodek Classic Compote, Bodek Fruit Cocktail, Bodek Premium Cherries and Bodek sliced beets. All these items are in re-closeable stay fresh bags. Batyam Cottonseed oil (Distributed by Benz's), available 6x96 oz and 35 lb.

The fish and meat category include some new options by Benz’s Food Products; Benz'sGefilte Fish Logs, 3 lb commercial size, Benz’s Salmon Gefilte Fish Rolls, retail and commercial sizes, Benz’s Nova available in 3 oz, 6 oz, 12 oz, and 3 lb. Benz’s Assorted Herrings,

Benz’s “Bubbys” Mehudar Frozen Gefilte Fish Rolls, no oil, no pepper, and no potato starch (sugar-free available). Batyam frozen gefilte fish. Benz's horseradish with no sugar added and Benz's horseradish sweet recipe. Yehuda Geflite Fish (Kayko Distributed), Tilapia Gefilte Fish Pike & White Gefilte Fish (Only) , Ungar’s Gefilte Fish and Sugar Free and Twin Pack. Aufschnitt Meats, the brand leader of every-day beef jerky in the kosher market introduces Exodus Jerky, a smoked flavored, small batch beef jerky in the following flavors, Original, Barbeque and Spicy.

In the Matzo and Cracker category, Yehuda (Distributed by Kayco) introduces Yehuda Matzo Variety Four Pack: Unsalted, Egg, Whole Wheat, Gluten-Free. Gefen introduces Everything Crisp Flats. In the beverage category Kayko is distributing Kedem Grab and Go Grape Juice in a convenient plastic bottle, no sugar, flavors or coloring, (light grape juice has ½ the calories of regular grape juice), Kedem grape juice in Bordeaux Bottle, Gefen Tart Cherry Juice,

Gefen Sweetened and Unsweetened Coconut Milk, a dairy alternative and made with its own coconut water. Chosen Bean Cold Brew Decaf Coffee; Decaffeinated Cold Brew is 100% Swiss water process. Heaven & Earth Juices: 100% Carrot Juice, 100% Beet& Carrot Blend Juice, 100% Carrot & Ginger Juice. They are harvested at sunrise and packed by sunset. Picked, juiced & bottled all in one day. Tuscanini Mineral Water; Italian Still Mineral Water and Italian Sparkling Mineral Water. Chocol'Art by Le Chocolate drinking chocolate (Quality Distribution) .chocolate

In addition to foods, many new novelty items will be on sale in time for the holiday. Davida Aprons/Kosher Kurls introduces Davida's Apron's Matzah Leggings. Rite Lite has the perfect product for the Seder night with a disposable Seder plate. Their classy and elegant plates are perfect for catering needs and large Seders to create a beautiful, elegant and memorable Passover table, constructed of laminate with built in plastic liners. Yehuda also offers their Heavy Weight Plastic Plates for the Seder: no mess, no cleaning, perfect as gift for hosts and great for traveling.

For those that eat Kitniyot (legumes), there are some new additions: Haddar Tahini by Baracke, Original Tahini Paste and Seasoned Tahini Paste. Heaven & Earth Instant Meals in a Cup; Ready-To-Eat Rice & Lentils, Ready-To-Eat Quinoa & Chickpeas and Ready-To-Eat Vegetarian Chili. Shibolim Rice Chips in Whole Grain Chocolate Rice Chips, Chocolate Rice Chips and Carob Rice Chips. (distributed by Kayko).