April 11, 2016

Many New Products this Passover, But Where are they?

New York…On the surface, the neat Passover sets look very much as they did in 2015. But upon closer view, there are numerous new items in the mix but some industry people lament that retailers do not flag the new products. One retailer said that if there was to be any flagging of new products, it should emanate from the distributors who organize and fill the sets. Harold Weiss of Kayco likes what he sees this year, particularly the many new items, including many from Kayco. He said that there were big promotions out there and one retailer even was giving away free grape juice. But if the retailers weren’t flagging the new products, the Jewish media was full of ads promoting new products, hoping that shoppers would find them on the shelves. Here were some examples: Gefen was advertising a new line of gluten-free cookies, Haddar a line of gluten-free biscotti in several flavors, Quality was promoting surimi seafood sticks and flakes, Haddar -  a line of jarred peppers, B’gan sweet potato, straight cut, and shoestring fries, Bloom’s gluten-free grain No-Nos. But the big question is will consumer find the new products which can substantially increase the bottom line. There is no question that if retailers founds a way to highlight the new products, they would sell those items. Then again, there are still stores that do not include the new products. They simply repeat the set from year to year.