March 21, 2016

Many New Natural Kosher Foods Preview at West Coast Show

Anaheim CA - With 77,000 visitors and more than 3,000 exhibitors, you would think that kosher would be only a footnote to the nation’s growing interest in natural foods. But according to visitors to the Natural Foods Expo West that took place here March 9-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center, kosher had a significant presence at the show. According to Yakov Yarmove who is responsible for Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for the Albertsons Companies, there were many new trends at the show. Hemp, seaweed, coconut and kale based items were part of the rage as was quinoa and other gluten free grains. Representatives of kosher giants were there as well, including Ilan Ron of Kayco (Kedem) and Rafi Orel (Osem). Manischewitz exhibited its Season’s brand and Osem its successful Gratify brand. Yarmove and others flagged many kosher natural, organic and gluten free items including pastas by Explore; C-Weed Snack; Simply Beyond; Gratify Gluten Free By Osem USA; Garden Life - Raw Proteins And Greens; The Ojai Cook - Carne Asada Marinade; Kewpie – Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing & Marinade; Way Better Snacks and Beyond Meat – Beyond Beef Crumbles and Beyond Chicken Strips. Industry sources say that many of these items are headed for kosher shelves and are part of a growing trend for natural foods in the kosher food market.