July 21, 2021

Many New Kosher Wines on the Horizon Despite Sourcing Difficulties

Bayonne NJ…” It is remarkable that we were able to source so many quality wines in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Nathan Herzog of Royal Wines. Herzog has reason to rejoice as there was every expectation that Covid would take a toll on sourcing wines from around the world. Examples of some of the new wines that are now in stock are Carmel Private Collection Rose ’20 (Mevushal), Herzog Late Harvest Chenin Blanc ’20, Psagot Sinai White ’20 (Mevushal), Segal Native Marawi ’19 (Non Mevushal), Tabor Pninim Sparkling ’20 and Judaica SV Cabernet ’17, Vera Wang Prosecco-M-Italy. The list of new introductions to the market is impressive and long, including wines from Israel, France, South Africa, New Zealand, and Hungary. The production of some quality wines moved to other countries, while others are now scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. Several wines are of the expensive variety costing $100-$150 while others have been modified to be mevushal. Some of the exclusive wines are available in limited quantities.