February 6, 2017

Many New Kosher Items at Winter Fancy Food Show

San Francisco - It did not matter that The Specialty Food Association's 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show (January 22-24 at Moscone Center) was out West and not in New York when it came to the ongoing expansion of kosher food items. According to several kosher food executives who attended the show, the number of new food items with kosher certification “were simply staggering.” The industry continued to roll out many new health items (i.e. low in sugar, gluten-free, vegan). This show as well as the Summer edition in June seemed to continue a focus on snack foods, many of the healthier variety. It seems that almost anything that can be dried and turned into a chip is a candidate to be included in the constantly expanding snack aisle. Many of the items are a variety of the traditional potato chip, some with new flavors, some designed as crisps.  Saffron Road introduced ChickBean Crisps in three gluten-free flavors: Sea Salt, White Cheddar, and Zesty Ranch. If it is not snack-worthy, then it might be the latest energy bar-like item, another item that continues to expand. One visitor could not get over the number of kosher hummus brands and other Mediterranean foods. “It was great to walk the aisles of this show and experience the sheer number of clever and tasty innovations the specialty food industry is launching. From the latest in proteins, sweets, snacks, sustainability and sheer inventiveness, this event proved once again that specialty foods are leading the way in expanding the food business," said Phil Kafarakis, President of the Specialty Food Association, "We're excited about the future as we prepare to highlight even more food innovations at our Summer Fancy Food Show in June."