September 5, 2012

Many New Foods and Wines Introduced Before Rosh Hashanah

NEW YORK -- With less than two weeks to Rosh Hashanah (eve of September 16th) which will usher in the High Holy Days, shoppers will find an array of new foods and wines. Although still a far cry from the many new products introduced before Passover, there will be a significant number of new foods and wines that will be on grocery shelves this holiday season. 

Manischewitz is using the holiday season to introduce a very diverse line of products, including turkey broth, all-natural gravies, cornflake crumbs from Jason’s, organic matzos, gluten-free cake mixes, and Mediterranean gefilte fish. A New York distributor said he had added several new cake mixes as well as several new honey cakes. He guessed that he carried about 65 new items. 

The Kosher Wine Society is holding its 4th Annual New Wines and Vintages Tasting this week with at least 66 wines to be showcased, including wines from Dalton, Recanati, Teperberg, Saslove, Gush Etzion, Kadesh Barnea, Noah , Hevron Heights, Odem mountain, Dovev, or Haganuz, Bravdo, Quadri Latero, and Tulip.  Many of the wines are imported and distributed by Kedem, which is featuring more than two dozen new wines from around the world this Rosh Hashanah. 

Retailers expect a robust back to school and holiday season this year. In 2011, sales were said to increase by nearly 10% and many industry officials expect an even greater increase this year.