April 26, 2010

Many New and Interesting Exhibitors at Kosherfest 2010

Portland, ME…With six months to go, the 2010 edition of Kosherfest is already shaping up as a show with many innovations and new products. With each passing year, the annual kosher food trade show emerges as the international showcase for the latest products to be introduced to the industry. To be held on October 26-27 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, this year’s show will include many interesting trends. The number of exhibitors displaying spelt and gluten-free items is expected to grow. Traditional Greek yogurt, which is all the rage right now, will be at Kosherfest. Unlike traditional yogurts, which generally don’t exceed 3.5 percent milk fat, Greek yogurt is a strained yogurt made with cow or goat milk and has up to ten percent milk fat. This higher percentage allows for a smoother and creamier texture and taste. Greek Gods Yogurt can be used as a healthy base ingredient in dips and salads dressings; as a delicious garnish for soups; and as a tasty and wholesome breakfast parfait, mixed with nuts, granola, or fresh fruit. Different and unique breads will be presented by Rotella’s Italian Bakery, a family company based in Omaha, NB since 1921. Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), the products include wheat, rye, and pumpernickel bread loaves; hamburger buns; hoagies; ciabatta; dinner rolls and breadsticks; and specialty breads such as garlic bread, bread bowls, and flatbread. Guttenplan’s Frozen Dough is a frozen dough specialty company with a complete line of products that promises to bring many Kof-K certified products to household kitchens. Products include dough for Kaiser rolls; apple turnovers; cinnamon swirl bread; coffee rings; cinnamon pretzels; bagels in a variety of flavors such as jalapeño, apple cinnamon, and cranberry orange; and pizza dough. Kosherfest organizers say that this year’s show will also include a record number of international exhibitors with many new products.