December 4, 2017

So Many Flavors to Choose From but Jelly and Custard Doughnuts Still Rule

Jerusalem - by Menachem Lubinsky - Chanukah is in the air and in the open Machne Yehuda market sufganiyot (doughnuts) are already filling stalls. “Most people can’t wait till Chanukah for the sufganiyot,” says Mish, one of the many vendors displaying almost every flavor filling a sufganiya. So what’s the most popular flavor? Jelly is definitely in the lead with custard being a close second. That’s consistent with my findings from New York bakeries. The sufganiyot seemed to come in all colors and even shapes. There was dark chocolate and light chocolate, a fudge coating, vanilla flavored, blueberries, raspberry, Dulcede leche, cappuccino and even araq, and topped with various extravagant toppings, from coconut shavings to meringue and fruit pastes. There were some that were so colorful I couldn’t even guess the flavor. At Angel’s Bakery, Jerusalem’s largest, preparations were in high gear for as many as 2.5 million sufganiyot that will be sold over the 8-day holiday. Mish actually sells the sufganiyot year round but not with the same type of enthusiasm that he does at this time of the year. The halva filled sufganiya at one of the stalls was one of the innovative flavors and the taste was awesome. Too bad there weren’t any potato pancakes (latkes) yet or I would have gladly made an early Chanukah here.