November 3, 2014

As Many Countries Experience Rise in Anti-Semitism, So Does Demand for Kosher

New York- The mood in the street in many European countries is increasingly anti-Israel and blatantly anti-Semitic. Jewish defense organizations report a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents that many blame on radical Muslims living in those countries and increasingly asserting themselves. Yet, the number of food manufacturers seeking kosher certification in many of those same countries is also on the rise, according to rabbinic sources in Israel and the US. According to organizers of next week’s Kosherfest (November 11-12), in addition to Israel, some 34 companies from 9 countries will be exhibiting at Kosherfest. That does not include many American-based importers and distributors who will feature kosher foods manufactured overseas. Poland is a good example. Despite its newly instituted ban on kosher slaughter which some say is not being implemented, more companies are looking to go kosher. The reason, say food experts, is that these manufacturers feel they will have a better chance of making inroads in the American market, could win some lucrative contracts in  Israel and pick up business in Europe, South America, and even South Africa and Australia. For ingredient companies, say the experts, it has “become a no-brainer” since it severely limits their ability to do business with kosher certified companies anywhere in the world, particularly in the USA. It is also apparent that more Muslims are opting for kosher products despite their growing radicalization. One importer told Kosher Today: “In an age of where being anti-Israel has become fashionable, kosher is miraculously thriving.”