October 2, 2017

Many Celebrate Holiday with New Wines

Bayonne, NJ - Gabriel Geller of Royal Wines (Kedem) is an expert at fusing good food and great kosher wines. This year, the summery weather on Rosh Hashanah proved to be challenging as will the weather on the upcoming holiday of Succoth (eve of October 4th). He was, however, on solid ground when he recommended new French wines for the connoisseurs who celebrate their holidays with new wines. According to many wine and spirit retailers, a growing number of younger customers are celebrating each Jewish holiday by breaking out a bottle of new wine or indeed as many as come out. On his list this year was Château Fontenil which hails from the Fronsac region, alongside the Dordogne River in the Bordeaux wine country. The wines come from the estate of Michel Rolland, who is arguably the most famous winemaker and oenologist in the world, consulting for dozens of wineries across the entire globe. He is well-known for making wines that are rich and velvety. Fontenil is his very own baby, meaning he owns it and makes the wine there to fully reflect his philosophy. Then there is Les Roches de Yon-Figeac, a classic Right Bank Bordeaux from Saint-Emilion. The second wine of Château Yon-Figeac, features layers of elegance as well as notes of red fruit, earth, graphite and minerals.

Wine experts tell Kosher Today that despite the growing popularity of Israel wines, many still prefer the French Wines. Some wines like Barkan and Psagot were amongst the most popular wines, but many connoisseurs still prefer the classic French wines or if available some of the more luxurious French wines such as Chateau Fontenil and Les Roches de Yon-Figeac.